Using most of the routine dental equipment became a lot more difficult with the coronavirus pandemic. Aerosols generated from the drill and the scaler were stopped for a number of months.

The team at Y Bone Faen Dental Surgery are now kitted out, here is Dentist Nathan Welch and Dental Nurse Kirsty Farmer wearing the very stylish half face P3 respirator, Full length water proof gown, large visor, hair net and of course gloves.

Though we may look different it is still the same friendly team you are used to underneath. Please bear with us when we are trying to talk to you as we may sound very muffled.

We are working as fast as we can while keeping our patients and staff safe. After each appointment we use the drill or the scaler we leave the room to ‘fallow’ for 1 hour which allows aerosol to settle, the room is then thoroughly disinfected prior to another patient being able to come in. This is for your safety and to prevent the spread of coronavirus.