General Dentistry

Expert dental services for lifelong results

We offer high quality general dental care for the whole family, from young children through to older generations. 

Our Y Bont Faen Dental Centre is a warm and welcoming environment and is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the art dental equipment for efficient and caring treatment.

Our range of general dental treatments is fully comprehensive including fillings, crown and bridgework, porcelain veneers, implants, gum treatments, extractions and more.

The prevention of problems such as tooth decay or gum disease is essential to maintain a healthy mouth is always preferable to cure.

At times, active restorative treatment is necessary. When this is due to early stage dental decay, it can usually be resolved with a minimal tooth coloured dental filling. Larger areas of decay or where a tooth has broken, may require more elaborate treatment such as a dental crown to restore strength, function and appearance.

Dental check-ups are integral to your overall health and wellbeing

We recommend visiting us every 6 months for a thorough check of your teeth, gums and oral tissues, to ensure that you are in good dental health. We have been caring for patients at our practice for over 30 years, and believe that our philosophy of preventative dental care has contributed to the longevity of their dental health.

We encourage all of our patients whether new or existing, to maintain their regular check-ups, so if problems are identified they can be addressed at the earliest opportunity. This early intervention enables us to take a conservative approach, ensuring that your treatment is as minimal and non-invasive as possible.

A healthy smile should start from an early age and we encourage our patients to bring their family members to see us, even if they only have their first baby tooth.

We are very proud to be recognised by our patients as a warm and welcoming family practice that has kept their teeth healthy for generations. Through our fun approach and child-friendly setting, we start a positive association with coming to the dentist. We want to inspire our young patients to enjoy caring for their teeth with the hope that they maintain healthy mouths for years to come.

Understanding what a filling is and when you need to seek dental intervention is important for the continued health of your teeth and gums. At Y Bont Faen Dental Centre, we provide exceptional treatments for cavities using state of the art composite fillings. 

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Maintaining the tooth foundation 

Before we restore a tooth with a crown, we make sure that what is left of the tooth provides a strong foundation to ensure the stability and longevity of the crown. 

Crowns are usually made of a porcelain material that is prepared by one of our expert dental laboratories. They are cemented onto the prepared tooth thus returning it to its correct shape and providing long lasting strength.

We take great pride in making sure that all our restorations match and appear as natural as your own existing teeth.

Spanning the gap

A conventional dental bridge can be an excellent option for replacing missing teeth avoiding dental surgery. The intended benefits of the procedure include providing you with a fixed replacement of the missing teeth supported by the adjacent teeth, which will also improve their appearance.

Treatment entails the reduction of the dental tooth structure to modify the existing teeth so that the bridge can be placed upon them. Tooth preparation will be done as conservatively as practical. Teeth that are already heavily restored or crowned will not need much preparation.

You will be given the opportunity to take part in approving the appearance of the restorations in place before they are definitively fitted. Using an interim provisional restoration will also help us discuss changes for the definitive bridgework.

Maintaining appearance and bite

Dentures are comparable to a frame which sits on top of the gums under the tongue or across the roof of your mouth. The replacement teeth are fixed to the frame allowing these teeth to function like a natural tooth. As a removable option, dentures are removed at the end of the day.

Multiple appointments and adjustments are required to design and perfect a denture to ensure it is comfortable for you when eating or speaking. It can take a little practice and time to adjust to; however, the advancement of materials mean that the dentures of today can be quite discreet.

We will always endeavour to save a natural tooth and to use ‘minimally invasive’ techniques wherever possible. However, should the need for more complex treatment arise, we will always discuss options with you so you can make a fully informed decision about the best ways to restore your teeth to good health.

Whatever treatment is needed, you can be assured that our friendly and professional dental team will take care of you and help you to remain relaxed during the procedure. If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your treatment, we will be delighted to help.

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