The evidence shows that it is possible to brush your teeth as well with a manual brush as an electric brush but nobody actually does. In the harder to reach areas, such as wisdom teeth and around your tongue, it is particularly important to get an electric toothbrush.

So here is my guide to buying an electric toothbrush.

Not all electric brushes are made equal.

There are two main types of technology for effective toothbrushing and any other type will not clean your teeth as well.

  • Sonic brushes
    These have small heads that vibrate very quickly at frequencies that buff the tooth surface, break up plaque and force toothpaste through the gaps between your teeth and around the gum line.
  • Oscillating and rotating brushes
    These have a small, round head that oscillates at high speed, rotating quickly one way then the other many thousands of times a second to scrub your teeth and gums. They combine this with a pulsating action, designed to break up plaque along the gum line, making it easier to brush away.

The majority of sonic brushes are made by Phillips and the oscillating and rotating brushes by Oral B. Personally I prefer the Oral B brushes as the shape lends itself to concentrated cleaning around each tooth and under the gums.

They both come in different types to suit different budgets, some have all the bells and whistles (they can link to an app to guide you through your brushing) and some are a simple brush. Here are the Oral B options laid out:

The things I would recommend you make sure your brush has are:

  • a timer – usually the brush will indicate every 30 seconds so you can ensure you are brushing each corner of your mouth for the right amount of time
  • a pressure sensor – many people brush too hard, wearing away their teeth and causing gum recession, this will prevent this and is really important.

My recommendation:

Oral B Pro 3 – this brush is usually between £20-£30, it works as well as any fancy brush, has a pressure sensor and timer. Everything else in the fancier brushes I feel are superfluous.

You can find it in any supermarket, pharmacy or on Amazon.

If all of my patients were using this brush I would be a happy dentist!

Remember to have your oral health examination regularly so we can give you advice on how your brushing. Contact us if you want to book an appointment by phone or email.