Oral B have released the new iO toothbrush in the last few months, and I will be putting it through some testing at home to see how it may benefit our patients.

It is built on the core foundations of oscillating rotating technology that has been proven time and again to be the most effective way of removing plaque from teeth. With the new addition of micro vibrations. Both these features make using the iO to reduce dental decay and improve gum health a big plus.

It also has a smart pressure sensor that will prevent over-zealous and heavy handed brushers like myself and will help reduce gum recession.

If paired with the Oral B smartphone app it will 3D track your brushing and you can compare how well your oral hygiene regime is compared to perfection.

There is no doubt that the Oral B iO is a very smart piece of technology. Does it justify the £500 RRP? That will remain to be seen as I have been happy with my Oral B Genius 6000 that has done me well for many years. At the time of writing this post the iO is half price at £250 on amazon, which is probably a more acceptable price.

Remember any Oral B oscillating toothbrush will very likely improve your oral hygiene over a manual toothbrush. The children’s Oral B toothbrushes can also help with children who rush brushing their teeth as they have an inbuilt 2 minute timer. Don’t forget to pair any brush with a Fluoride toothpaste (0-6 years old 1000ppm, over 6s and adults 1350ppm minimum).