“Inspired Health Coaching For The Smiles Of Tomorrow”

“Spectacular Smiles For Life”

Almost two years ago we took over Y Bont Faen Dental Centre (then surgery) and we knew that the first thing we needed was a new logo and colour scheme.

We enlisted our friend and amazing graphic designer @goldfox. We wanted something that was bright, fun and friendly as we are. I think he hit the nail on the head and produced a logo and bold colour scheme that was just what we asked for and we loved it.

There was also a hidden message inside which nobody but us knew – the initials YBF as you can see. This made it even better to us.

Fast forward 18 months and with a lot more experience in business and branding and we realised that maybe we were selling ourself short. We ARE a fun and friendly team and we still want patients to enjoy coming to see us (yes it is possible) and to feel relaxed, but we are also much more.

We enlisted the help of branding experts @jaynespronson and @kimmartin to help on our journey and discovered a lot along the way.

It started with a discovery day to delve into our business, our ethos and our values. From this we could discover our purpose, our vision and our mission.

After discovering these truths we could work out what we stand for, our core values.

Jayne and Kim developed our ONLY statement. We were shocked to find that they did not think this was true of all dental practices, with their experience of working with many. It is so important to us to help patients have life long healthy smiles, this is more about what is done at home than what we can do. All we can do is give our patients the tools to help themselves.

So far we were thrilled with the process and enjoyed putting into words the way we had always felt. It was also useful that Nathan and myself have similar values and ethos towards our patients.

Next was the hard bit. To look at our colours and logo. We were very attached to our current branding and were reluctant to change it. Also having only recently had our signs changed we did not want to branch to far from what we already had.

It was fun understanding what the different colours of branding stood for, something I had never known before but now I notice it everywhere. It was difficult to decide where we were as there were elements of different archetypes and we had to decide what was most important for us to emulate.

We obviously are caregivers but that is assumed in our profession – blue. We also want everybody to feel comfortable and relaxed – purples. We decided however that our overiding features were that of the Magician, Hero and Sage.

“We provide a caring service to our patients with the power of understanding to help them achieve mastery of their health. We create the structure that will lead to a legacy of fulfilment in our community.”

We came to this new group of colours. It took time to come round to our new colours as we were so invested in the previous ones but we now love them! I feel it does represent us in a way our previous ones did not. Get ready to see them in everything we do!

Finally we have updated our logo to better reflect our new personality. Again we loved our previous one so much that we will still be using it as a secondary logo but have a new evolved version. We loved our previous “sparkle” which was meant to represent the shine on healthy teeth but we have evolved this to also be like a guiding star, as we educate and guide people towards dental health.

So now we move forward with a new year, a new logo and a new look!

We are also starting to carry out some renovations to the practice and have a new website coming in the spring! More to come on these…