5 biggest mistakes people make when whitening their teeth

  1. People do not use whitening products that contain the correct amount of peroxide to whiten their teeth.
    At our practice we use the latest accredited whitening gels that use the legally safe amount of peroxide gel.
  2. It is ILLEGAL for anyone apart from GDC registered dental professionals to sell or apply the correct peroxide whitening treatments.
    At our practice we are all fully trained and insured to make sure we deliver your treatment in a safe and trustworthy environment.
  3. Poorly fitting trays not made at a dentist will result in UNPREDICTABLE RESULTS.
    We only use high quality dental laboratories to make our bespoke whitening trays. The better fitting the tray the more predictable the result.
  4. An absence of a dental health check before treatment could result in damage to your teeth and gums.
    ONLY a qualified dentist can make sure you are not putting the health of your teeth at risk by ensuring your mouth is healthy before you start treatment.
  5. People do not get existing fillings and crowns checked to make sure the colours would match after whitening.
    Professional advice BEFORE you start treatment is ESSENTIAL to make sure you are fully aware of how the end result may look and you can plan to have teeth with fillings or crowns treated afterwards accordingly

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